Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Healthcare is Key to Making Your Goals a Reality. Here’s Why.

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Healthcare is Key to Making Your Goals a Reality. Here’s Why.

by | Nov 5, 2021

Partnering with a digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to attracting patients, building thought leadership, and growing your practice. Healthcare marketing comes with its own ethical responsibilities, language, and process. An agency that understands these unique characteristics and regulations won’t see them as obstacles, but rather as tools you can leverage to grow. Today, we’re covering some of the fundamental elements of a great digital marketing strategy, along with the ways in which a specialized agency will help your practice grow by tailoring each step of your campaign to your unique audience. Let’s get started.

The Inbound Process

The key to successfully marketing any business is in reaching your target audience with interesting and relevant content in the right channels at the right times. This means understanding the decision-making process that every prospective patient goes through when considering a practice for their health needs. This process, known as the Buyer’s Journey, can be leveraged to share information about your practice with your audience without being interruptive. It is broken down into four major steps:


At this stage, your target patient is aware that they have a pain point but isn’t sure about the best way to address them. The goal here isn’t to “sell” them on your practice; it’s simply to introduce them to it.


At this point, your target patient is considering different solutions to their pain point. Here is where you share engaging, informative, and relevant content that builds trust and establishes your practice as a reliable source of information for them.


After having considered their options, your target patient is ready to choose the best practice for them. Your job is to make sure they choose yours with an appealing offer to schedule their first consultation.


It doesn’t stop after they become a patient. This stage is all about continuing to share interesting and pertinent information, forging a positive long-term relationship and incentivizing referrals and favorable online reviews.

The Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is a data-driven representation of your ideal patient. It sets the groundwork for your entire campaign, helping to determine the tone of your content, the channels on which ads are run, and even the pages we add to your website. Healthcare patients are different from regular business customers in important ways, especially because of the responsibility we have in marketing to them. Understanding this difference is crucial when it comes to creating your buyer persona and developing your digital campaign.

Your Campaign

When a patient looks for a healthcare provider, they are making a potentially life-altering decision. Making sure that the right patients find your practice isn’t about generating a profit; it’s about matching people to the best healthcare provider for them and making a real difference in their quality of life. By understanding the stakes of your campaigns, a specialized agency will be able to execute them both effectively and responsibly.
A digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare is likely one of the most effective tools you can leverage to grow your practice in a scalable and sustainable way. We’d love to talk to you about your goals for your practice, then come up with a plan to make them come true. Set up a free consultation with us to get started.

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