Work From Home is the New Norm. Here’s How We Do It in Style

by | Jan 22, 2021

Work From Home is the New Norm. Here’s How We Do It in Style
How exactly does a year feel super long and short at the same time? With all of the surprises that 2020 has thrown our way, it’s been a year of adjustments (to say the least). For us, one of those adjustments has been transitioning to a mostly work from home setup. From the software that’s kept us organized to the coffee that’s kept us sane, we’re wrapping up the year by reflecting on what it means to work from home at Maintain Digital. It hasn’t always been easy, but if there’s one thing that our clients, readers, and team members have made sure of, it’s that it’s always been worth it.

What app or program has been your WFH MVP this year?

Jonathon W: Slack

Maria: So the obvious answer for me is Asana, but as someone who remembers nothing unless it’s written down, my computer’s Notes app has saved my life more times than I can count.

Eddie: Couldn’t be able to get anything done without Zoom and Slack! Being a resident extrovert these have been irreplaceable to keep me connected with the entire team and make sure all work is flowing seamlessly even with being apart.

Matias: Definitely Notion. It helped me organize the messiness of the year so well!

Ashley: ZOOOOM!!

Jonathan M: Slack

Elisa: Definitely ZOOM

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t ask: daily coffee count?

Jonathon W: 2 Cups

Maria: Somehow, I’ve kept it down to 1! V proud!

Eddie: Usually around 2 french presses and a latte. Ill let you do the math on that one.

Matias: #dontjudgeme but it’s 0-1. I actually drink Máte more often than coffee. It’s an Argentinian tea that has more caffeine than regular tea but less than coffee!

Ashley: Only one cup of coffee!

Jonathan M: Just need 1 cup!

Elisa: 2 cups for me

What’s the most useful WFH recommendation you have? (Could be a hack, office supply, or just advice to live/work by.)

Jonathon W: Try to keep a routine.

Maria: I invested in a comfy chair, and it has been amazing. Also, general advice: try to have a designated work space even if you don’t have an office! It really helps separate work from your free time.

Eddie: Get into a routine, and try to keep it as normal as possible (which is good no matter the time). Every day I wake up at the same time, get a quick workout in, shower, wear clothes I would wear at the office, and sit at a dedicated work space. Everyone works differently (I have plenty of friends that have enjoyed just rolling out of bed and logging on) but without that routine I know I wouldn’t be able to stay as productive as possible while working from home.

Matias: I would say taking 15 minute breaks every so often or a couple of hours. It helps get you that breath of fresh air to recharge and gather your thoughts before going back to working!

Ashley: Don’t be afraid to jam out to your go-to playlist, but make sure you don’t get distracted and throw an entire dance party.

Jonathan M: Take breaks and go outside

Elisa: Don’t set the bar too high, especially if you are a parent. This is a whole new world of learning for us all. And remember to take care of yourself and treat yo’self too 😉

How do you recharge and stay productive when working from home gets tedious or overwhelming?

Jonathon W: Smoking a cigar while working helps me stay engaged and makes working more fun!

Maria: I step away from the screen for five minutes. Even getting a couple of minutes of fresh air does wonders to help me refocus. Making sure to drink a lot of water also helps a ton.

Eddie: I’ll usually either take the dogs on a walk or do a quick chore around the house. Small breaks like that have been great to break up the day and give yourself a little mental break.

Matias: Taking it one task at a time. Nobody can work on two things at once (unless you’re a robot). By tackling and thinking about only one task at a time, it eliminates being overwhelmed by the laundry list of projects or tasks due for the day or week.

Ashley: I make sure to put away distractions when I’m in a productive state of mind. When I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, I step back and lay down for a little to let my mind rest and I get back to work once I’m recharged.

Jonathan M: A delicious Old Fashioned

Elisa: Get up and get moving. I like to go for a walk or just hang out with my husband or kiddos out in the fresh air.

What has been the best thing about working from home?

Jonathon W: Being able to travel while working.

Maria: I stand by my first answer: working in sweatpants lol. But the best thing about work in general is being part of this amazing team.

Eddie: My dogs have been absolutely loving it! They have no idea why, but I never leave the house now so they just get constant pets and love. Their fluffy shakes make my day!

Matias: The best thing for me is being 100% focused by being alone. I get distracted when other things are happening around me (so yes, working from Starbucks is a last resort lol for me).

Ashley: Staying in comfy clothes when I’m working, because who doesn’t love walking around in your seasonal fuzzy socks!

Jonathan M: Less travel

Elisa: Having an excuse to wear sweats ALL DAY

Whether you’ve just found us or have been a member of our community for a while, thank you so much for being a part of making what we do possible. We wish you nothing but the best in the year to come. Whether it’s in person or from home, we can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. To make the most of this year’s possibilities for your company, see some of the ultra-effective marketing strategies we swear by in our free digital eBook.

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