Why We Do It

Maintain Digital is a team of family, friends, and partners dedicated to making a difference for local businesses and the community. We’re powered by passion, purpose, and participating in something much bigger than ourselves. At Maintain, it’s not just about digital – it’s about maintaining life, maintaining family, maintaining local roots, and maintaining faith.



Our family is fueled by love, support, and collaboration – and it’s always growing. From our family at home, to the team members and digital partners who become family, we’re all in this together.



When we dedicate ourselves to serving the community, we do our part in helping it thrive. Maintain is dedicated to leveraging our resources and expertise to help local businesses grow to their full potential.



God has ignited so much love, light, and laughter in our lives. We seek to infuse our friendships, family, and business relationships with this incredible degree of energy and joy.



At Maintain, our mission is to bring the joy, light, and energy we experience in our daily lives to our partners and friends, old and new. Our family and team is fueled by a fulfilling passion for what we do – and a continuous drive to do more. In our work, relationships, and philosophy, it’s about seeing every day as an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Church Shirts

Make this shirt your new Sunday Best! You don’t need need “church clothes” to go to church. Even if you don’t go to church, your babes would look pretty cute in this church shirt.

Marriage Q&A

We asked some friends to come up with a few questions on marriage, so here we go! Q. Jonathan, how do you get back on Elisa’s good side if she’s upset or having a bad day? A. Use those Publix BOGOs to bring her some sweets or ice cream. Then she’s more open to talk it...

God’s Protection

A few weeks ago I came home late from a long meeting. I walked down the hallway with the intention to peek in on my 2 boys who were fast asleep in their beds - something I am sure my wife had been waiting for all day (If you know our boys, you know that...


Let's Get Coffee!

We would love to meet you and talk about how we can help. Coffee is on us!