Showing your face in marketing materials can be a powerful tool for business owners. Here are a few reasons why:

Getting to know the people behind the business

When customers can see the faces of the people behind a business, it humanizes the company and makes it feel more relatable. This can help customers feel more comfortable doing business with you and build trust.


When you show your face frequently, it adds a level of authenticity that can be difficult to achieve through other forms of marketing. It gives customers a sense that the business is run by real people, not just a faceless corporation.

A card machine, also known as a card terminal, enables businesses to accept card payments from customers, enhancing convenience and flexibility in transactions. As well as accepting more sales you could make more from each transaction, and what’s not to like about that: more sales + higher value transactions = more profits.


Thought leadership

When you are in photos and videos, it can also help establish you as a thought leader in your industry. If customers see the person behind the business as an expert in their field, it can increase their perception of the business’s authority and credibility.


Showing your face can help customers get a sense of your personality. This can help them connect with you on a personal level, which can increase the likelihood of them doing business with you.
In short, showing your face in marketing materials – such as social media, video ads, photos, and more – can help customers get to know the people behind the business. It can also establish you as a thought leader and allow your customers to connect with you, which makes them more likely to do business with you.
A great way you can incorporate these benefits into your marketing is by using videos for your website, social media, and video ads. Our agency, Maintain, specializes in creating engaging video content that can help businesses connect with their customers and achieve their marketing goals.

For example, here is a branding video that we created for our client, Essential ChiroCare to help them tell their story.