We are a group of digital game-changers who are dedicated to helping your business thrive. Together, we make up a not-so-typical agency that gets clients results (and has a pretty great time doing it).


Our focus isn’t on profit – it’s on pushing ourselves to do incredible work, every single time. Nothing makes us happier than seeing all the parts of a digital strategy come together in a beautiful final product. Nothing excites us more than knowing that there’s no such thing as a final project: in digital, there’s always room to grow. That just gives us more room to shatter limits and exceed goals.


Maintain helps businesses grow to their full potential by leveraging expertise in digital marketing, web design, and branding – but we’re so much more than a digital marketing company. Here, client relations are partnerships: we need each other so that we can both grow. Our philosophy is founded on the “You before me” standard, and each member of our team pours their talent and dedication into doing right by your business.


At Maintain’s core is a spirit of friendship and family that encourages us to show up for our clients and each other, going above and beyond every single day. We care – about our clients and coworkers who are part of our extended family, about our work, and about meeting our own high standards in order to make digital magic.

How We Do it

Fullfilling our purpose wouldn’t be possible without our exceptional team of strategists, creatives, and thought leaders. Here is a look at the faces behind the work!


Founder & CEO


Owner & Creative Director




Content Strategist


Director of Digital Strategy


Multimedia Specialist


Client Relations Specialist


Graphic Design Intern

How Lifestyle Photography Can Help Your Brand Grow

How Lifestyle Photography Can Help Your Brand Grow

It’s safe to say that the last few years will go down in marketing history as the age of the influencer. With social media completely revolutionizing the way we communicate, engage, and consume, photography is playing a role in brand-consumer relationships that’s...

Have Coffee with Eddie

Have Coffee with Eddie

Hey! So, before we get into coffee, tell us a little about yourself. "Hey There! I’m Eddie, the Director of Digital Strategy here for Maintain. I’m the one that’s going to be handling the creation of your website and digital needs, including emails, newsletters, ads...