The Maintain team partnered with Keep Pinellas Beautiful for beach cleanup, and it was amazing. Here’s a look at how it went.

by | May 14, 2021

At Maintain, we take Earth Day pretty seriously. We buckled our fanny packs, positioned our sunglasses on our noses, applied 70 SPF, and tied our close-toed shoes (well, some team members thought this last one was optional) and hit Pass-a-Grille Beach for some beach cleanup in partnership with Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

Love Your Mother

Our team is a mixture of native Floridians and Midwest transplants, but we all have one thing in common: we love where we live and we want to protect it. For some, that means bringing in three reusable coffee mugs to work instead of using single-use cups. For others, it means not thinking twice about picking up trash while having a cold one on the beach with friends on the weekends.

Everyday Is Earth Day

As cliche as it sounds, every day truly is Earth Day for our team. If you could have seen us on Earth Day, you would have laughed. Here we all were on a beach in Saint Pete, sweaty as can be, laughing while knee-high in grass picking up someone’s discarded mask, beer can, and diaper. Maybe this is the dream – being a part of a team who loves Mother Nature, puts that love into action, and has fun doing it.
So next time you go out of your way to pick up some trash, know that the Maintain team is giving you a virtual high five.

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