The Maintain Approach to Growth-Driven Web Design: How We Launch Websites Quickly While Optimizing them for Long-term Growth

by | Nov 20, 2020

The Maintain Approach to Growth-Driven Web Design: How We Launch Websites Quickly While Optimizing them for Long-term Growth

“Growth-driven web design” is a buzzword often tossed around by agencies, yet its true essence remains elusive. Simply put, it involves crafting a website with essential elements and expanding it as your business evolves. However, its execution is intricate. At TL Design Co, we embrace growth-driven web design, where success lies in our deep comprehension of your present and future business goals. We meticulously design and execute web strategies to propel you towards your objectives. For Maintain, well-executed web development hinges on three components: understanding what makes our clients unique, honoring that uniqueness with beautiful copy and design, and utilizing real metrics to understand the direction in which to take our build. Let’s dive into what that looks like in more detail.

Getting to Know Our Client

A great website is one that effectively communicates what makes your business special in an interesting and engaging way. For us, that starts with asking a comprehensive list of questions designed to get to the root of your business’s philosophy. This, which we call our Deep Dive, includes questions like:

How did your business start? Tell us a bit about your vision in the beginning.


As a leader in your company, what are your favorite things about your business that are unlikely to be found anywhere else?


And many more.

A good growth-driven website, even on that’s in its earliest stages, conveys your unique voice and develops your brand effectively. That entails:

Carefully crafted copy using language and keywords that make sense for your business


Cohesive branding and design that speaks to your business’s identity, conveying more at a glance than any amount of copy could.


Well-edited images that inform your copy and humanize your brand, allowing audiences to both see and connect with the people behind your company.

Setting a Strong Foundation

Any website, even one in its earliest stages of growth, must be intentionally designed to take its visitors on a journey. For us, that means creating a sitemap that makes sense for both your brand identity and your goals. A company that does website design in ri can do this for you. This growth-driven sitemap will come in two forms: the first represents the starting point from which your website will be launched, and the second represents the “final iteration” of your site that will be gradually built. Keep in mind, however, that there is no “final iteration” for your website: once all of the pages on your sitemap are built out, that just means it’s time to analyze data and optimize what’s there, you can also use a comma checker – seo tools centre for improvement.

Growth-driven Web design st.helens means striking the balance between engagement and mobility, taking your visitors exactly where you want them to go. Generally speaking, the first iteration of a growth-driven website will include basic evergreen pages, like your Home Page, About page, Services Page(s), and others that are instrumental to setting the tone for what your business is about, as well as a couple of pillar pages that speak to specific services or offers that set your business apart. Each page of your website is carefully developed to maximize both user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

An Ongoing Data-Driven Build

Once a solid foundation for your website is set live, we are able to measure audience behaviors on it and testing different images, videos, and calls to action against each other to determine which are the most effective at getting your visitors where you want them to go. As the metrics come in, we continue to build out the rest of your site, always testing and measuring to determine which copy, images, and other features work best for your audience. As your website grows, so does its potential for turning up on search engines. This is because growth-driven web design largely involves creating both landing pages and pillar pages that are geared to match what your audience is searching for, therefore boosting your SEO and driving more traffic to your site.
Every business is unique, so our approach to growth-driven web development is different every time. One thing, however, remains consistent: the importance of brand identity, beautiful design, and data-driven metrics in a web build.

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