Some of Our Favorite Lightroom Presets

by | Jan 28, 2021

favorite Lightroom presets
Here’s the thing about presets: they can truly be what stands between a forgettable image gallery and an amazing one. Presets are essentially pre-set (whoa) photo editing settings that you can download and apply to any image you want. There are countless presets out there, each of which accomplishes something unique: some brighten, some saturate, some enhance the shadows in your images – you get the picture. Presets are an extremely effective way to set up your social media aesthetic, establishing uniformity in look and feel all the while posting unique photos every day. As is the case with most things that are photography-based, the magic of presets is much more easy to see than to describe. Today, we’re showing you some of our absolute favorite lightroom presets (some of which were created by our rockstar Creative Director, Elisa) so that you can see their magic first-hand! Take a look for yourself…


Refined Presets

Seasons by Athena and Camron


Morgan Faith Suarez

The Morey Story

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