Social Media Planning Platform, Hopper HQ, Interviewed Maintain’s Very Own Owner and Creative Director, Elisa Morey

by | Jun 18, 2021

Social Media Planning Platform, Hopper HQ, Interviewed Maintain’s Very Own Owner and Creative Director, Elisa Morey
Maintain’s very own owner and creative director, Elisa Morey, was interviewed by Hopper HQ a few weeks ago! We may be biased, because Hopper is what we use to schedule all our clients’ social media feeds, but Hopper is our favorite social media planner 😉 To read the entire interview, click here!
Owner and Creative Director, Elisa Morey

Content Creation For Businesses

During the interview, Hopper asked Elisa what makes for quality content creation. Elisa shared three essential elements that will set a business’ social media presence apart from others:

  1. Know your target demographic
  2. Set boundaries that you want to work within content-wise and aesthetically (examples: keywords and moodboards)
  3. Take the planning process one step at a time

Is Being On Social Media Crucial?

Right from the start, Elisa emphasizes that having a social media presence is important, but not everything. Being on social media is part of a puzzle. It’s incomplete without website development, client communications, content creation, and so much more to form a holistic, well-rounded approach to your business. We loved a specific point Elisa made during the interview:

“I believe that being on social media is important, but it’s not everything. Rather, it’s important for companies to maintain their health on the inside of their company so that it shows on the outside of their company.”

Is Social Media A Highlight Reel?

The short answer, yes. And for businesses, this is how it should be! You should be using social media to show off your company’s wins, new developments, community involvement, and innovations. Make it fun! While Hopper interviewed Elisa, she expressed her belief that, if your company is healthy (culturally and financially), it will flow over into your social media and people will be drawn to that. This is so true! Ever wonder why our social media is nerdy, goofy, family-centric, and dare we say cool? That’s because that’s how we are IRL! There’s only so much you can fake on social media, so work on your company’s health first and then show that authenticity off on social media.

People Want To See YOU

Similarly to authenticity, Elisa mentioned in the Hopper interview that people want to see your face on social media, whether that means you talk directly to your followers on your Instagram story every morning, post a picture of your face in it, or just share some BTS. People want to see the real people behind the company. That’s what gives audiences a feel for what you are really all about, building a meaningful relationship that keeps your viewers coming back.

Do We Recommend Hopper HQ?

10000000%. Elisa is a wiz with Hopper, but Hopper makes everything super user-friendly, which Maintain loves. We’re all about the user-experience (cough-cough, that’s what inbound marketing is all about). One of Elisa’s favorite things about Hopper is being able to see the grid while planning out social media posts so she can see the overall aesthetic of everything when it’s put together. Another Maintain favorite is Hopper’s chat feature. At Maintain, we take clear, timely communication seriously and love when other businesses do, as well. If we have any questions about usability, Hopper helps us navigate through them instantly.

Owner and Creative Director, Elisa Morey
We love seeing our boss spotlighted for her hard work, creativity, and passion for social media. And we highly recommend that your business uses Hopper to save you time and money while improving the aesthetics and analytics of your social media. To learn more about growing your social media presence, reach out to us here!

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