A lot of us use Instagram to keep up with family and friends and all the important events in everyone’s lives. It can also be used as a creative outlet or as a means of marketing for businesses large and small. We want to let you in on some of our planning and photo editing tools. Be sure to check them out!

Photo Editing

The way a photo is edited can completely changed to perceived mood and even the use of the photo. It is also fun to discover your own inner photographer through some of these fun editing tools!


This App has some pretty amazing features including color and light manipulation, curves, and some fun effects such an grain. Check out some of our before and afters just using this app.


VSCO is another fun photo editing tool. It is more filter based and allows the user to apply all kinds of film effects to their phone photography. Check these out:


Unfold is by far, one of our favorite apps to use for our Insta-Stories. It creates a very modern feel and allows you to tell your story by posting multiple photos on the same screen. One of our favorite features is its capability to post multiple videos or a video-photo combination on the same screen.

Stop Motion

Stop Motion lets you make those funky videos that are actually made up of a bunch of still photos. These little clips are a great way to change things up a little bit in your feed.


InShot is our go-to quick and easy video editing tool for Insta-Stories. You can clip videos, combine videos and images, slow them down, speed them up, add music and effects, and more.


Over is what we use to create graphics for Facebook and Instagram feeds as well as Insta-Stories. The app includes well-made templates and graphics. You can also choose to purchase the full version for access to even more amazing graphics.

We love all these apps and use them all the time. Hopefully you have some luck with them too!


PS – As far as planning goes, we use an app called Layout. However, our favorite place to plan is HubSpot. HubSpot is on the more professional marketing end. But we cannot say enough good things about it!