Our Process

The philosophy behind what we do is simple: reach the right audiences, in the right places, at the right times. Here’s how we make sure that happens.

digital marketing process

It’s All About Trust.

If there’s anything we all have as consumers, it’s options. Nowadays, what you have to offer only matters as much as how you offer it in the first place. When it comes to that, the data is clear: the best strategies are the ones that are about building trust.

Setting the Foundation

How do you build trust with your future customers? By understanding your target market, anticipating their pain points, and delivering useful information that addresses those pain points. Successful campaigns are about taking your audience on a natural decision-making journey that shows them you’re their very best option. It’s about meeting your consumer where they are in that journey and proving yourself useful every step of the way. Here’s how we make that happen.


At this point, your audience member knows they’re experiencing a pain point, but they don’t know much about the potential solutions for it. Here, it’s not your job to “sell” them on anything, but to introduce useful tips and information about how they can address their pain point.


During this stage, your audience member knows they have a pain point and are considering a few options in order to address it. Here is where you plant the seed about your company being their best option by sharing valuable content and focusing on what sets you apart. It’s not the time for a final offer just yet; it’s time to solidify yourself as a useful and trusted resource for your audience.


In this stage, your audience member is aware of their options, and they’re poised to make a decision about the best one. Here is where you greet them with an appealing incentive to choose you above the competition. Give them an offer they can’t refuse.


The process doesn’t stop when you close on a sale. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Now, it’s your job to remain top-of-mind, sharing useful resources and ongoing updates to keep your customers happy and incentivize positive reviews.

The Buyer Persona

How do we know who to target in the first place? By looking at the data to determine who your ideal customer is, then creating a semi-fictional biography of that person. This biography allows us to create a campaign that specifically addresses the needs and goals of your target audience. This is called the Buyer Persona, and it is the foundation of your entire campaign.

digital marketing process

Your Website

Whether you need a website to be built from scratch or have a live site that needs to be updated, we use your data-driven persona to pinpoint your target audience’s habits and behaviors. Then, we create a growth-driven sitemap that’s designed to match those behaviors and incentivize conversions.

digital marketing process

Your Inbound Campaigns

Every quarter, we develop content strategies targeted to match what your target audience is searching for, according to the data. This includes blog posts, premium content pieces, and landing pages on your website, all of which are geared toward SEO.

At the same time, we create advertising campaigns that greet your target audience on the digital channels they’re already using. Ads don’t have to be disruptive: we see all your ads, from SEM to social media, as opportunities to share information and bolster relatability in an engaging and non-disruptive way.

digital marketing process

Data Analytics

Every step of your digital campaign is firmly rooted in data. We analyze your campaign’s performance in numbers, making pivots wherever necessary to drive the most views, engagement, and conversions. We share those numbers with you monthly so that, together, we can make the best choices to drive scalable and sustainable growth.

digital marketing process

Let’s Put It All Together

We’ve only just scratched the surface about what goes into our campaigns. Let’s dive deeper by seeing how we can apply our tried-and-true methods to make your goals happen.

The proof is in the data pudding

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