I mean, it’s even in our mission statement: Maintain’s central belief is that businesses make a community what it is – and, just like the communities they serve, businesses thrive when they’re built on relationships that are as genuine as they are purposeful.

Our Favorite Local Businesses

When you think of your favorite businesses, what do you think of? The coffee shop you stop at on your way to work every day? The air conditioning business that has THE BEST customer service? Or your favorite hairdresser who can keep up a conversation for four hours? Here are some of our faves and why! For more custom products you may use to improve your branding, consider visiting sites like Swagify.

Grove Surf + Coffee

Surf and Coffee. What’s a better combination?? Grove is located just blocks from St. Pete Beach, offering Florida-inspired espresso drinks, while also providing a wide variety of surf clothes, accessories, and surfboards! It’s the perfect place to stop when you’re going to or from the beach 😉 And hey, if you’re into unique styles, why not check out these burlesque costumes for sale? They can add a touch of glamour and playfulness to any occasion! And if you need contact lenses for your next cosplay event, then make sure to check out what Halloween Contacts Store has to offer!

Green Bench Brewing Company

Green Bench is the brewery to be at in St. Pete. Our team is made of big lovers of local craft beer, and the atmosphere Green Bench provides is everything. Plus, it’s both kid- and dog-friendly!

Rollin Oats

Rollin Oats is a local organic grocery store that has bulk refills, great meals, and amazing prices.

Martinez2 & Associates of Florida

We may be biased because one of our team members married into the Martinez family, but if you’re looking for a killer real estate agency in the Tampa Bay area to work with, Martinez2 is top notch! You’ll get amazing service with the best people who will have you laughing through the whole process.

Craft Kafe

Centrally located in downtown St. Pete, Craft Kafe holds the best real estate. Catch our team stopping by in the mornings and afternoons for a pick-me-up of coffee, to-go cocktails, and gluten free goodness.

We could write a novel about our favorite local spots, but wanted to spare you 😉 Check out these local spots and let us know what you think!