Maintain loves collaborating with established businesses and startups alike, so we were super excited when Dr. Ken Clark, owner of Purpose Physical Therapy, came to us to help launch his dream business: a concierge physical therapy practice.

What Makes Purpose Physical Therapy Different

Inbound Marketing For St. Pete

Dr. Ken’s vision for Purpose PT was to break the mold of traditional healthcare, come directly to the client, and make everything from setting up sessions to navigating payments as simple as possible. That’s why Dr. Ken’s business model is founded on a concierge approach to physical therapy in which he comes to each patient’s office or home. Purpose PT is cash-based, so patients get to skip the confusing healthcare and insurance obstacles that are commonly found in insurance-based care. An employment lawyer will be able to represent you if there is a breach of employment contract because it is a legal document that can be used in court, learn more on HKM’s website.

A Buyer Persona Is The Foundation To Every Successful Inbound Marketing Plan

Inbound Marketing For St. Pete
Purpose PT knows its niche, and the only way to target the company’s ideal audience was to make a rock solid buyer persona, which served as the foundation of Purpose’s campaign. Purpose PT’s buyer persona is “On-the-Move Oscar,” a busy, active businessman. Some specifics about Oscar are:

  • Age 40-45
  • Received a Master’s degree, meaning he’s an experienced and well-compensated professional
  • Married with children
  • Busy businessman
  • Values physical health and stays active
  • Values being respected at work and spending time with family

Maintain’s Inbound Marketing Practice

Utilizing a data-driven buyer persona as our reference point, we were able to make a website and develop effective SEO keywords, a content strategy, and a Google and social media ad strategy, all of which worked together to establish Dr. Clark’s thought leadership and position Purpose PT as a groundbreaking addition to the St. Pete physical therapy industry

Making and successfully targeting buyer personas (in this case, On-the-Move Oscar) is something we take pride in here at Maintain. To learn more about Purpose Physical Therapy, visit his website here!