I have been setting out to write this blog for a while now, mostly because I find myself searching the exact title of this blog in Google almost every weekend. Also, FYI there is no Part II….yet. I  just thought I would write this with the intention of writing more, because the amazing thing about St. Petersburg is that it is constantly growing and developing. Small businesses consistently pop up and thrive here. There is so much GOOD to say about each business, but I am just going to list the “need to know”, because if you are like me, you are just skimming to find something to do anyway.

Food and Drink

Green Bench Brewing Company

  • Amazing atmosphere, complete with HUGE beer garden where the kids are free to roam, run, dance, and be free with no judgement
  • Dog friendly (but let’s be honest, isn’t everywhere in St. Pete?)
  • Hosts frequent local events (Indie Market)


  • If you like Latin American street food, then this is your spot. If fresh juice is your thing, this is also your spot.  If you want to pretend you are on vacation in Latin America, this is most definitely your spot.
  • Intimate atmosphere with covered outdoor seating (bar and tables)
  • Right next door, you will find the MOST AMAZING juice spot (same company). The kids will love it and you won’t feel guilty.
  • Dog friendly (duh)


  • Maybe Asian food is your thang. If it is, pop over to Hawkers.
  • Hawkers serves Asian Street Fare
  • They have a bar. They have patio seating. They have clean, beautiful bathrooms. If you like spicy, they have spicy. They have high chairs. They have an amazing selection and we always leave stuffed.


  • Ok, coffee lovers. If you love coffee, cocktails, oysters, and midcentury-modern decor, this place will make all your dreams come true.
  • Again, amazing atmosphere. I walk around with mom goggles on for sure – you know, the ones that shield your eyes from possible “omg she has 3 kids and she’s coming in here??!!” stares. Well, I am proud to say, you can take them off ladies. In fact you can take them off for good (that’s preaching for another post though).
  • Patio area with picnic benches
  • wide array of seating
  • And get ready for this, at night this amazing coffee shop turns into an amazing cocktail lounge.  AND, they are expanding into a restaurant!!  Can you tell I am excited?
  • Dog Friendly (duh)

Kings Street Food Counter

  • This place checks all the boxes for our family
  • All American food
  • Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere (old school diner feel)
  • Amazing Service (seriously, the nicest servers in town)
  • Beer Garden complete with outdoor bar and seating, supersize JENGA and Connect 4 and Ping Pong!
  • Dog Friendly in the Beer Garden (duh)

The Hyppo

  • If you live anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area, do yourself a favor and stop by a Hyppo location.
  • Modern, whimsical atmosphere
  • Welcoming and knowledgeable staff
  • All natural pops made from fresh fruit in over 450 flavors!

Red Mesa Mercado

  • Serving food inspired by Southern California and Mexico
  • Take Out Style – it’s pretty simple – walk up, order, pick up, EAT (and watch the game if you want)
  • Another restaurant with top notch atmosphere – outdoor seating with plenty of shade and beautiful landscaping
  • Obviously, it is dog friendly

Just for Kids

Growing Up St. Pete

  • Cute, quirky, high-end kid’s boutique.
  • Selling toys, clothing, mama products, etc.
  • Here are my favorite parts, though:
    • They have a play area
    • They facilitate and host classes and events for kids and mamas – Check their Facebook and events

Great Explorations

  • This Children’s museum truly lives up to its name. The kids can climb, pretend, read, dance, jump, shop, and even report the weather. We put off checking this place out for way too long, but I am so glad we did!
  • They host a Parents Night Out


St Pete Indie Market

  • Parents, families, singles, whoever : If you are in St. Pete, you have to check out Indie Market at least once or twice! It showcases all kinds of local makers and is truly the heartbeat of the city. The vendors pour the heart and soul into their craft and I believe with all my heart that they are worth supporting.

Some Other Local Resources to Check