It was a privilege to have our second annual Mother’s Day photoshoots benefiting Reach St. Pete. Take a look at them for yourself!

by | Jun 4, 2021

We’re not sure if you know, but a lot of our team here at Maintain is filled with some pretty amazing boss babes who have two full time jobs: Maintain and motherhood. And they ROCK at them both. This is why we absolutely love our annual Mother’s Day photoshoot! The photoshoots are our way of celebrating motherhood (you should hear us hyping up the mom’s on the shoots), while also giving back to the community!

100% of Proceeds Donated

We not only take celebrating motherhood seriously, but we take giving back to our community seriously. This is why 100% of the photoshoot proceeds were donated to Reach St. Pete. They are one of our favorite local nonprofits who are working to end homelessness in the St. Pete area by providing members of our community important resources when they need them most. We encourage you to learn more and get involved with Reach St. Pete by either donating or volunteering!

So the point is, tell your mom you love her. Maybe even gift her a photoshoot – we’ll be here next Mother’s Day 😉

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