How Content Can Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition in the Service Industry

by | May 28, 2020

How Content Can Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition in the Service Industry
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Running a business in the service industry can often mean that you’re dealing with customers whose needs are immediate. This can lead a lot of company leaders to underestimate the importance of building long-term campaigns based on content and thought leadership. After all, when someone needs a service visit in the next day, chances are they’re not idly browsing through blog posts…right? The reality is, though, that having a well-executed content strategy for your service business is extremely important to helping your business get seen by customers in the first place – and to making them choose you above the competition. In this post, we’re going over how content can make your business stand out among competitors and attract more customers than ever before.

Anticipate Your Audience’s Needs

Effective content will accurately pinpoint the specific pain points your audience is facing, and it’ll address these pain points in an easy-to-follow and relatable way. Anticipating what your audience wants to see and needs to know is the best way to give them content they can depend on. Understanding your audience starts with creating a data-driven buyer persona that describes their online behaviors, shopping style, lifestyle needs, and economic standing. Together, these characteristics help you to determine not only what your prospective customers are looking for, but the best ways you can give it to them in order to build trust and keep them coming back to you for information.

Turn Up Higher on Search Engines

Of course, it’s important to reach those last-minute, need-services-now customers – and that’s all about turning up high in their search engine results. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an intricate process dedicated to getting your website seen by customers when they search for related keywords on search engines. The better-executed your SEO procedures, and the longer they’ve been around, the higher your site will turn up. Content is the foundation upon which SEO is built. Everything from the copy on your website to the blog posts you share contributes to your SEO; when done correctly, SEO is the difference between being seen by thousands of customers versus a handful.

Make Your Company Relatable

As social media takes over, what customers are looking for from their service providers changes. Big sales and incentivizing promotions are not what keeps audiences coming back to your website, and it isn’t what keeps your company on their mind when you leave. Nowadays, it’s all about building relationships with your customers – it’s about humanizing your company, showing your audience not only what you can do, but who you are. Whether it’s the content you post on you social media account, the tone of the copy on your website, or the quality of the blog posts and eBooks you share, content is your audience’s window into the soul of your company. It’s what will keep you on their minds and what will keep them coming back.
Boosting relatability and increasing visibility are just two of the many ways in which content can make your business stand out in a crowded digital space. By optimizing the content you share and sticking to a fine-tuned content strategy, you’ll be well-set-up to attract and keep more customers than ever before. To learn more about how to devise and execute an effective content strategy, contact us.

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