Hello, New Website! Here’s How We Brought Maintain’s Truest ✨Vibes✨ To Life – and How Your Business Can Do the Same.

by | Oct 22, 2021

Hello, New Website! Here’s How We Brought Maintain’s Truest ✨Vibes✨ To Life – and How Your Business Can Do the Same.
new website
Rebrands are hard. Even when you really know what you’re doing. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to over-intellectualize fonts. Though we did find ourselves philosophizing (perhaps a bit too much) about the existential meaning of dusty rose vs. mauve, Maintain’s rebrand was both a much-needed upgrade and an invaluable opportunity. It allowed us to do for ourselves what we so enthusiastically do for our clients every day: make sure that every aspect of our digital presence was well-aligned with our identity and true to our values. It was also really freaking fun. Here’s a little more about it.
new website

Who is Maintain?

The best branding is the kind that rings true to the values and vision of the business it represents. When brainstorming the direction that we wanted to go for Maintain’s rebrand, it was crucial to dig deep into our identity; the question to ask wasn’t “what should Maintain look like?” It was “who is Maintain?”

It was in becoming aligned and acquainted with Maintain’s identity – not only with what it was in the present moment, but with what we hoped it would evolve into – that we were able to pinpoint what visual concepts would best represent that vision.

“Who is Maintain?” It’s the kind of question that basically begs you to have a bit of an existential crisis when trying to answer it, largely because of the countless other smaller (but no less important) questions that it implies. What impression do we want to leave our partners and viewers with? Who should join our team? What do we sound like? What matters to us? What do we stand for?

Answering these questions meant identifying the common thread that binds us all together, the foundation upon which Maintain was founded in the first place: community. What we do isn’t possible without community, in all of its multifaceted forms: in the community of talented and passionate people we’ve built within our team; in the community of clients and partners we are endlessly fortunate to collaborate with every day; and, of course, in the St. Pete community whose open-minded, collaborative spirit is what makes it possible for us to live out our dreams every day.

We hope you have fun finding the nods to our Florida roots and St. Pete spirit throughout our branding. We hope our visuals and voice communicate the aspects of our identity that matter. We hope this new branding shows more than this blog post could ever tell, and we’re so excited to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for being a part of the community that makes this all possible. Our gratitude is greater than words could ever express.


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