Hey! So, before we get into coffee, tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Alyese, the Social Media Specialist & Client Relations here at Maintain, and I’m a big fan of McChickens, my two cats, and singing terribly with the windows rolled down.

You’re offered a standard cup of coffee. How do you take it? 

Cream and extra sugar, please! 

Picture this: you’re at your favorite local coffee shop. What do you order? 

A vanilla latte with almond milk

maintain digital

Speaking of: what’s your favorite local spot? (It’s OK if you can’t pick just one.)

Does Starbucks count? Just kidding — probably Intermezzo

Are you big on seasonal drinks? What’s your favorite? (We won’t judge if it’s a pumpkin spice latte.) 

Even though it’s sold all year round, a vanilla chai tea latte with a dash of cinnamon is the epitome of fall

Who’s one person, living or dead, that you’d love to grab a cup of coffee with?

Tim McGraw if he would sing to me the entire time

The only thing we’d love more than grabbing a cup of coffee is grabbing one with you. Want to talk about anything from digital strategy to dinner spots? Say hi! Shoot us a message and let’s Get Coffee!