Have Coffee with Us Pt. 1/5

by | Aug 6, 2019

Have Coffee with Us Pt. 1/5

Coffee with Maria

Hey! So, before we get into coffee, tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m Maria, Maintain’s Content Strategist! I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I’ve lived in Florida since I was 6. I went to school in New York for a couple of years, then I came back and finished college at FSU (Go ‘Noles!). I’m a big reader (I know, shocker, given my job and all), I absolutely love to travel (especially when it involves adventure, like hiking up a mountain or getting lost somewhere I don’t speak the language), and I guess I’m a dog person (although my neighbor just got the cutest kitten ever named Keanu Reeves. He might be switching me over to the cat side). I absolutely love working at Maintain – seriously, it’s amazing to get to collaborate with these super-smart, super-cool, super-inspiring people every day, and I can’t believe this is my life!  

You’re offered a standard cup of coffee. How do you take it? 

I’ve been drinking my coffee black kinda often lately, which my Brazilian parents are pretty proud of (haha). Otherwise, though, I usually go for a little almond milk, no sugar. 

Picture this: you’re at your favorite local coffee shop. What do you order? 

When I’m in a #treatyourself mood, the go-to is definitely an iced caramel latte with almond milk (even in the Florida “winter!”). 

Speaking of: what’s your favorite local spot? (It’s OK if you can’t pick just one.)
I love Brew D Licious in Downtown St. Pete and Buddy Brew in Tampa! 

Are you big on seasonal drinks? What’s your favorite? (We won’t judge if it’s a pumpkin spice latte.) 

Honestly, I’m not too big on seasonal drinks, but I do love a peppermint hot chocolate around Christmas (OK, I know it’s not coffee, but…close enough?) 

Who’s one person, living or dead, who you’d love to grab a cup of coffee with? 

I put this question on here without thinking about how hard it’d be to pick just one person! But right now, I’m gonna go with Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

The only thing we’d love more than grabbing a cup of coffee is grabbing one with you. Want to talk about anything from digital strategy to dinner spots? Say hi! Shoot us a message and let’s Get Coffee!

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