Happy April Fool’s Day! Here Are Our 10/10 Comedy Content Recommendations

by | Apr 2, 2021

Happy April Fool’s Day! Here Are Our 10/10 Comedy Content Recommendations
If you’ve known our team for any amount of time, you know that looking for a reason to smile is pretty much our favorite collective hobby. Usually, we get that from putting together some really cool strategies (not a joke) (#nerds), but sometimes we like to go a little outside of the box. We’re big believers in the idea that inspiration can come from anywhere, and these comedy gems definitely do the trick. Take a look at our faves below – and please drop some recommendations of your own!


Not gonna lie, guys – as extensive as the world of podcasts might be, it was hard to choose some laugh-your-face-off PG recommendations. Or, maybe, it’s the massive variety of podcasts out there that makes it so hard to narrow it down. That said, one recommendation definitely stands out, and it’s tailor-made for The Office superfans. The “Office Ladies” podcast is a hilarious episode-by-episode recap run by two of the people who know the show best: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (AKA Pam and Angela). If you’re a fan of the show and want to add a little variety to your latest watch-through, definitely check this one out!


These are probably shows you’ve heard of before, so take this as a sign that it miiiight be time for that re-watch (or re-re-watch. No judgment). The ones that really stuck out to our team are:

  • New Girl. For best results, watch with friends and banter over who’s a total Schmidt, Nick, and Winston.
  • iCarly and Drake & Josh. These 2000s Nickelodeon gems are childhood staples. They’re also still hilarious.
  • Parks and Rec. This cast is seriously incredible. We lit-rally can’t recommend this one enough.


The Internet has infinite options for comedy content, so narrowing it down to these choices was a pretty tough task. That said, we’ve got some gold-star recommendations for you:

  • TikTok. It’s taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Its scary-good algorithm tailors your “For You” page to the perfect arsenal of posts to fit your sense of humor. proceed with caution: it just might eat up hours of your time.
  • YouTube. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. With that level of content saturation, it’s good to have recommendations. Our happen to be Cody Ko, Kurtis Conner, and Drew Gooden.
We hope we’ve helped you find (or rediscover!) your future comedy faves – and we’d love to add some of your recommendations to our list! DM us @maintaindigital to let us know what comedy content is a must-watch.

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