Maintain helped Angelo’s company garner 50% more sales

Before working with Maintain, Angelo and his team at GoPro Engines and Transmissions were skeptical. They’d worked with several other companies – all making grand promises and all unable to deliver .

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What Sets Maintain Apart

Upon becoming a client of Maintain, though, Angelo could tell something was different. With easy access to a responsive team, a clear strategic vision for both short- and long-term goals, and the digital expertise to make these goals come true, Maintain helped Angelo’s company garner 50% more sales and over 8,000 leads per month. And that’s only the beginning. Thank you, Angelo, for joining us on this journey. Here’s to many more goals met and visions realized!


Decrease in CPL

Average cost per lead is $2.20 


Increase in leads

Since 2017

Leads Per Month

From 0 to 8000

Lead Sites

2 Leads site and one in the works 

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