GIFs and Why We Use Them for Social Media

by | Jul 1, 2022

GIFs and Why We Use Them for Social Media
Close your eyes and imagine with me for a second.

You are living in Florida. It is July.

Then, the unimaginable happens. Your AC breaks.

So now, instead of stopping at the cafe for your favorite Hot Girl Summer (or Hot Guy Summer, or Hot Dad Summer…you get the picture) drink, you’re stuck sweating in your kitchen scrolling the internet for some AC help. But there’s one problem, all the AC companies look the same in their blue uniforms and logo wrapped vans and smiling, helpful faces. But wait, you’re laughing now.

Why you ask am I laughing while sweating in my kitchen in Florida in July?

See how much that drastically changed your not so great, getting hotter by the second summer morning?

Or what if you saw this one?

The landscape of social media and digital marketing is ever changing, but something we don’t see going away anytime soon is GIFs – or JIFs? We don’t want to start a debate here.

So, what makes these quirky little pieces of media so dang powerful?


They make your audience feel something.

Happiness, humor, anger – and emotion is one of the best tools you can use to tell your story

They empower you - the entrepreneur or brand to connect with your audience

Without even, saying one word about your business, you’ve built a bridge to your audience’s psyche that says “hey I am just like you” or “hey I get it” or “hey I understand” or “hey i can solve that problem”

They allow you to show off…well, you

It is hard to really capture everything a company does or the core of who an entrepreneur truly is, but with a couple clicks, your values, product, and personality can be made CRYSTAL clear.
And here is the best part:
Using GIFs is easy and completely free. We LOVE using GIFs on social media, but you can use them anywhere really – web, emails, and even text messages.

Here are some of our favorite places to find them:

Reaction GIFs

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