Elisa Morey, Owner & Creative Director – A Day in My Creative World

by | Feb 23, 2022

Elisa Morey, Owner & Creative Director – A Day in My Creative World
I remember the exact moment I decided being a creative director was the perfect profession for me. I was a sleep deprived, stay at home mother of a 6 month old, a 1 year old, and a 3 year old (not much has changed here) sitting in the bathroom texting my husband. You will only think this is weird if you aren’t a mom – but I know all the fellow parents out there get it. I had my education degree in elementary ed and special education, a failed photography business (failed because I decided I did not want or need to juggle clientele and three literal babies all at the same time), a deep interest in the curation of everything (photographs, home decor, clothing), and an ever-evolving love for all things creative. I also had a fascination for as long as I can remember for staring at something beautiful and imagining the process from inception to completion as to how this beautiful thing was made. 


And that’s essentially my job as creative director at Maintain.


Everyday is different, which is an environment where I find myself thriving. Everyone on our team brings a unique perspective and expertise to each project. And, I get to work with my best friend (hey babe 😉 ). 


The morning starts early in the Morey House. It’s breakfast, coffee on the go, and car lines to start the morning.


I am a highly un-structured person. Do with that what you will. So this hour could be spent journaling, getting ready for my day, or going back to sleep (yes, really.) 


We do not have meetings at Maintain everyday, but if we do they typically take place within this time frame. This is the fun part. We talk upcoming projects, production, branding, wardrobe, you name it. Our organization does not simply focus on branding and design, it also focuses or web development, google ad maintenance, seo, sem, etc. So, while one day may bring our brains together to develop a campaign, another morning could be brimming with set design, scripts, talent acquisition.


This is hammer time. This is MY time – the time where I set myself up somewhere comfy, grab some coffee, or matcha (at home or at a co-working space like Station House) and just GET. IT. DONE. I use this time to plan (some of our favorite aps are Asana, Hopper and Milanote), review assets (we love Google Drive, Pixieset & Frame.io), and design. 


You know what this time is for! As much as I love my work, family time is the best time. During the weeknights, the Moreys can be found at kids sporting events, music lessons, having random dance parties, or living our best couch potato lives; reading and watching movies. 

Thanks for reading!
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