Dear Friend

by | Oct 23, 2018

Dear Friend

This is a letter I wrote to a dear friend , but mamas everywhere need to hear this.

Dear Friend,

I know. I know. I do not know exactly what it is like to be you. To live in your house with your precious family. I do not know the places your mind wanders and the dreams you have forgotten. I do not know what exactly wakes you up in the night and causes you to fall on your knees to ask for help from our Good Father. 

And you may not know me or all the dreams I have held onto or let go of.

I do know this though. I know some days you wake up to a crying child who cannot be settled. I know you are woken once, twice…seven times to feed your beautiful baby from your sore and weary body. I know you are challenged by your toddler…or teenager. They ask why. And, disappointing your own self, you reply “because I told you so”. I know you think about how annoying your kids are – and then immediately regret the thought. I know how amazing you think your kids are – and then immediately doubt how amazing you are. I know you scroll and compare. I know you aim high but always feel as if you come up short. I know you feel busy but unaccomplished, wondering if you are really making a difference. 

Well friend,

I see you. I see the time you take praying over your children-declaring strength, beauty, blessing, and integrity over their lives. I see your humility as you provide for every single one of their needs over your own – as you wipe their bottoms, hold them for hours in your weary arms, cook their meals, and clean their messes. I see your wisdom as you discipline them even when it feels monotonous and unfruitful. I see your love for your husband as you laugh at his jokes and talk about how he tirelessly provides for his family. I see your un-made up face, your messy bun, and your stretch pants as you go to battle for your children every day, placing their happinesss, needs, wants, rest, hot meals, bubble baths, doctor’s visits, clean clothes, and education above your own – way above your own.

I see you friend and I love you. I admire you. I pray for you. And, I want to let you know that you are “doing something”. You aren’t only making a difference in your own children’s lives, though. You make a difference in mine. I look to you in how you love your husband, mother your children, and love your God. I look to your beauty, wisdom, humility, and humor. Every time we talk, I glean un-matched wisdom and knowledge from you.

You make a difference.

I couldn’t mom without you. 

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