I really try to be honest in all I do. I speak the truth, and when I write, I write the truth. So, let’s be honest for just a second about being the “cool mom”. There’s this thing about St. Pete – particularly Downtown St. Pete. It’s like this “cool vibe”, this “on fleekness”, this vintage style, fiddle leaf fig growing, cacti loving, coffee drinking, instagramable atmosphere. I freakin love it. There is culture, diversity, and obviously plenty to do, eat, and drink. However, when something is so pretty, it can be a little intimidating, right?

Maybe not if you are as pretty, vintage, instagrammable or the cool mom . BUT…..for us sweatpants loving, double stroller pushing, patience drained mamas, it may seem a little “too cool” for us. I am here to tell you, IT’S NOT TRUE…and you are totally missing out on some AMAZING coffee, food, atmosphere, and the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.

Now, I am not saying the Hearth & Hand section at Target doesn’t personally call my name and Chik Fila isn’t a staple for when we are having “just one of those days” ( I am a woman, and most definitely human), but I am inviting you to venture out, and add a little adventure to your routine. My babies love walking the palm lined sidewalks, window shopping with momma, and the occasional “special treat” from literally anywhere. So, grab some juice at Bodega for the kiddies, some coffee from Intermezzo for you, and let them run around at Green Bench at 9am (it’s literally empty). We hope to see you there.