How We Helped a St. Pete Functional Medicine Practice Attract More Patients

Our data-oriented approach helped a Downtown St. Pete physician increase their client conversion by 1300%. Here’s a look at how we did it.

attract more patients


The client’s branding colors represent their commitment to informing and empowering patients with individualized treatment and holistic care. By creating a color palette grounded in neutrals and pastels, we conveyed the client’s reliability and professionalism, adding in a touch of femininity to honor the practice’s female founder and set the stage for standout photos.

attract more patients

Logo and Website Design

Robinson MD’s logo represents the practice’s steadfast, research-oriented approach to holistic care with an elegant, readable font. The “Dr. Stacey” signature, which appears in a smooth and refined script, represents the authentic connection and individualized care that patients can expect. Line work is the finishing touch: the plant imagery serves as a subtle symbol of the Robinson MD’s emphasis on diet, lifestyle, and whole-body health.

Content creation

Content strategy and creation is an ongoing process designed to give patients useful, relevant information while building trust and incentivizing conversions. Robinson MD’s content focuses on bringing about their goals: empowering patients with information that’s both digestible and relevant through a variety of styles and mediums.

attract more patients

Inbound Campaign Strategy

Designed to target patients in an appealing, non-disruptive way, Robinson MD’s campaign greeted patients in the online channels they were already frequenting. From targeted AdWords to dynamic social media and display ads, the focus of this inbound strategy was to inform and empower, naturally incentivizing audiences to schedule their consultations.

Growth in Numbers

Every initiative is firmly grounded in data, and we make pivots according to what the numbers tell us. All of the initiatives listed above worked together to help Robinson MD grow.

Organic Growth



Getting audiences to your website is crucial. Your website is more than your digital storefront: it’s your billboard, your lobby, and your info packets. By running informative ads, consistently sharing appealing content, and building trust with viewers over time, we helped Robinson MD increase overall traffic to their website by 49.7% between November 2020 and May 2021.

Lead Generation


It’s one thing to get more eyes on your website; it’s another to turn those views into engagement. Doing that hinges on being able to accomplish two things: sharing content that engages your audience and builds trust, and including appealing calls to action in all the right places. By doing this, we drove a 487% increase in leads between November 2020 and May 2021.

Client Conversions



What do all of these numbers mean? In short: a better shot at getting new clients – and that’s exactly what we helped bring in. Since we re-launched their website in June 2020, all of the initiatives above have worked together to help Robinson MD’s client conversion rate increase by 1300% between May 2020 and May 2021.

Thank You

We appreciate your taking the time to review our results, and we hope to partner with you to turn your business into the next success story. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to set up a free consultation.

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