How we used holistic, data-driven campaigns to help a Tampa Bay HVAC company see tremendous growth in less than two years.

Case Study: Blair’s Heating & Air

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Buyer Persona

The Air Conditioner 101 campaign was developed with Blair’s AC’s buyer persona, Stability Susan, in mind. This persona served as a data-driven representation of their target audience, and it set the stage for the tone, messaging, and information shared throughout the campaign.

Content creation

We developed a ten-blog content strategy for the Air Conditioner 101 campaign, featuring blog posts that took readers along the natural decision-making process that everyone goes through when considering a service: the awareness, consideration, and decision stages.

attract more patients

Video Production

The Air Conditioner 101 videos were the stars of this campaign, but they were only one piece of an elaborate, data-driven puzzle. Featuring a Blair’s AC expert and detailing solutions to some of the most common air conditioner questions homeowners have, this video series offered valuable information to viewers without asking for anything in return. As a result, they bolstered Blair’s thought leadership and incentivized customer conversions.

Landing Page

We developed a user-friendly landing page where all of the Air Conditioner 101 videos were featured and available to watch. By providing this information in an accessible and digestible way, we helped to build trust between Blair’s AC and its prospective customers.

attract more patients

The Results in Numbers

What results do the Air Conditioner 101 campaign, and other campaigns like it that we’ve run for Blair’s over the last couple of years, have to show? Take a look for yourself.

Organic Search



By developing targeted keyword pages, SEO-driven blog posts, and results-driven calls to action throughout their website, we helped the Blair’s AC website go from 1,638 new users in January 2019 to 25,231 new users in October 2021.

Page 1 Keywords



A business’s ability to show up in the first page of Google Results is a major element of its digital success. We helped Blair’s AC go from 718 page-one keywords in January 2019 to 3,300 in October 2021.

Total Organic Keywords



SEO is a never-ending process, and we’ve got plenty to show for our efforts with Blair’s. In January 2020, they ranked for 1,960 total organic keywords on Google. As of October 2021, they ranked for 21,273 organic keywords.

Decision-Stage Leads


How good were all of these initiatives at actually bringing in leads? We helped Blair’s see a 383% increase in form submissions between January 2019 and October 2021.

Thank You

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