When we met the partners at Gayoso Plastic Surgery for the first time, we were immediately captivated by the sense of compassion and authenticity they brought to the room and we knew from the start that we wanted to portray that in their brand voice and imagery. As we dove deeper into the brand and the people that made the brand what it is today, these pillars remained at the forefront.

Inclusive. Elegant. Gracious. Aspirational. Grounded. 

Branding photography should be a window into the brand it is representing. The audience should be able to look at a photo and say to themselves, oh I bet that’s from TKP Headshots. TKP Headshots ensures that every element, from the carefully chosen locations and models to the meticulous attention to props, lighting, and editing style, harmonizes to reflect the unique voice and values of the brand.

Because of this, we decided to split the branding photography session into sections. We KNEW we wanted to feature the beautiful facilities and the amazing professionals that work there. We also KNEW we wanted to show a potential patient what it would be like to receive services from the doctors and providers. But there was a missing piece of the puzzle. We wanted to show (through photography) the feeling of walking around in your own skin and enjoying it – because that is really what the practitioners preach and aim to give their patients. So, we planned a studio session that was mostly comprised of their actual patients with minimal to no makeup on showing THAT FEELING. 

Plastic surgery branding photography

The Shoot: Gayoso Plastic Surgery Branding Photography Shoot

The Place: The Photoshop St. Pete

The Why: To Provide our team with imagery for the website, social media and ads