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With two exceptional women at its helm, AJ Realty represents the best that Florida’s West Coast has to offer – literally. This real estate agency has a simple mission: matching families, both local and from out of state, with their dream homes. It’s a lofty goal, but the agency’s brilliant team is more than up to the task. Amy and Jules, the co-founders after whom the company is named, are long-term Florida homeowners themselves; they’re raised families, made memories, and explored countless marvels in the Sun Coast, and they’re sharing both their professional knowledge and first-hand experience with their clients. Built on a legacy of integrity, joy, and friendship, AJ Realty is more than an agency; it’s a passion project as welcoming and accessible as it is elegant. We designed branding that reflected that.




Primary Typography

Perfectly combining geometric symmetry and fine line work that’s evocative of elegant script, Quesha represents the simultaneous professionalism and personality with which AJ Realty is infused.


Secondary Typography

Speaking of elegant script – Sydney’s handwritten look evokes the hands-on passion with which AJ Realty was dreamt up and made real. Its bold strokes reflect the effort and ambition at the root of this company, and its elegant appearance sets the tone for what clients can expect.


Conceptualizing AJ Realty’s logo came down to merging minimal simplicity with refined femininity. The final product is proof that, sometimes, less really is more.


A website is a business’s introduction to the world. In order to accurately capture AJ Realty’s friendly approachability and elevated elegance, we designed a website that combined soft, neutral colors with statement golds. Feminine touches, like the brand’s signature script font, throughout the website infuse the website’s otherwise minimalist design with personality, representing Amy and Jules’s ability to uphold the highest standards of professionalism all the while curating a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

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