It’s no secret that a big passion for us as a team is to explore the coolest local finds that St. Pete has to offer. On any given day, catch us at one of the signature coffee shops, second-hand stores, or one-of-a-kind boutiques that make St. Pete unlike anywhere else. During business hours, though, you’ll probably find us at Station House in Downtown St. Pete, an amazing co-working space/office/hangout spot that inspires us to do our best work every day! Recently, Alyese and Troy sat down to share the whole team’s favorite things about working at Station House. Check them out for yourself!

Different (Beautiful) Meeting Rooms

No matter what the size or topic of your meetings may be, Station House can accommodate them beautiful with its many spacious and stunningly designed meeting rooms. We’ve definitely taken advantage of the incredibly organized booking system that Station House has to offer: members can book any available meeting room online ahead of time, and reminders are sent to every team member who is attending the meeting. We personally love the phone room on the 4th floor – the leafy wallpaper and funky decor make Monday meetings feel like a vacation!

Floors to Accommodate Noise Levels

Station House offers plenty of space for its members to work in depending on the noise level they’re comfortable with. While the fifth floor is a quiet zone where library-level noises are the norm (needless to say, we don’t spend a lot of time there… lol), the fourth floor allows team members to chat with each other, hold small meetings and brainstorms, and chat on the phone.

Fast, Safe WiFi

Troy, our videographer, is a particularly big fan of this one: the WiFi at Station House is incredible fast, and we’ve never experienced a connectivity problem with it. Regardless of the scope of your work or size of the files you’re dealing with, you can count on fast, ultra-reliable WiFi all day. Passwords are regularly changed to guarantee members’ privacy.


If you’re a meal prepper, Station House has an excellent setup for you! Its kitchenettes include refrigerators, sinks, filtered water stations, and plenty of cabinet space.

Coffee Shop

On the second floor of Station House, you’ll find a workspace that’s open to the community – and a conveniently located Kahwa coffee shop! If you know anything about Maintain, you know what we’re big fans of coffee. Having both coffee and tea options downstairs is amazing!


One of our absolute favorite things about working at Station House is being a couple of blocks away from the best coffee shops, restaurants, and stores in Downtown St. Pete. Only a five minute walk from Central Ave, Station House could not be more centrally located – and we’re constantly tempted to try one of the hundreds of amazing restaurants that are right outside our doors!

Believe it or not, these are only a few of our favorite things about Station House! Alyese and Troy sat down to talk about these, and a few others (spoiler alert: they include 24-hour access and the coolest bathroom ever). To check out some of the other amazing features at Station House, check out their video below! If you’re interested in talking about the digital marketing magic we do at Station House, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!