5 Ways a Marketing Agency Will Help Your Small Business Grow That You May Not Have Thought About

by | Dec 30, 2021

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It’s a new year, and with that comes the motivation to meet and exceed all sorts of new goals–and, with a seemingly endless array of knowledge and digital tools at the tip of your fingers, anything is possible! There’s no shortage of options or resources when it comes to growing your resources; what most goal-minded entrepreneurs need is to chart a course that helps make sure that growth is both consistent and sustainable. Working with a great marketing agency isn’t just an effective way to get your name out there; it’s a means by which to lay a solid foundation for years’ worth of growth. Wondering how a marketing agency can help you make your New Years goals a reality? Keep on reading!

Brand Cohesion

A great marketing agency can give your branding a much needed boost, whether that means updating some fonts or completely reimagining the way you present yourself to the world. Just as importantly, working with an agency allows you to achieve something that’s crucial to take your small business to the next level: brand recognition. Having a recognizable brand doesn’t just mean getting your logo in front of as many people as possible; it means ensuring that every photo, video, and content piece you share with the world has your style, voice, and visual identity all over it.

Think about it: you know an Apple ad when you see it. There’s no denying when a Google commercial comes on. Coca Cola is many things, and easily identifiable is one of them. All of these monster brands demonstrate something that even the smallest of businesses should know: the more distinct your brand identity, the more memorable it becomes.

A Website That Drives Results

Believe it or not, how your website incentivizes viewers to take action is just as important as the information that’s on the website in the first place. Even the most informative, content-driven website is essentially useless if it doesn’t get its visitors to sign up for a newsletter, submit a contact form, or purchase a product. The point of your website is to be the cornerstone of your digital presence; of course, it should communicate who you are and what you do. At the same time, it must drive results. Visitors become customers when taking actions is easy. User interface and user experience are the two foundational pillars of website design, and a talented marketing agency will help make sure that your website is as results-driven as it is pleasant to navigate.


A digital presence without imagery is a sad digital presence indeed; more importantly, it’s an ineffective one. Video is taking over ads, websites, and premium pieces of content–and for good reason. As of this year, videos comprise over 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Staggering numbers like this make one thing abundantly clear: the best way to connect with your audience is through images, videos, and creative media. A great marketing agency will help you communicate your brand identity through photos and videos in addition to graphic design, bringing it all together in order to tell your story in a way that resonates with the people you want to reach.

Thought Leadership Meets SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting your website to turn up higher in search engine results through content-sharing. This matters, because the better your SEO, the more likely you are to bring in leads without having to pay for advertisements on search engines. Your blog is a powerful tool when it comes to SEO. You can–and should–blog about topics in your industry that you’re passionate about. Your marketing agency, however, will blog about topics that your audience is likely to be searching, creating content strategies that are specifically geared toward improving your standing on search engines. This will help your website bring in more and more visitors, all while decreasing ad spend, over time.

Get Analytical

Transparency is everything in any agency-client relationship, and transparency hinges on being able to see the effectiveness of the work that’s being done for you. That means getting detailed reports on a regular basis about how your website, ads, and content are performing. Instead of being left to run these reports yourself, you can consider hiring an agency who does it for you. Ideally, your marketing agency should hold monthly meetings with you to go over all of the data for the previous month, talking through which initiatives worked, which ones didn’t, and what the upcoming month’s plans look like. Measurable growth is, at the end of the day, the only kind of growth that really counts, and you must be able to count on your agency to not only drive that growth for you, but to keep you updated on it every step of the way.
If this is the year when you want to see your small business grow, it’s really worthwhile to consider working with a talented marketing agency you can trust to get you where you want to be (and beyond). To learn more about how working with a digital agency can benefit you, don’t hesitate to set up a free consultation with us.

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