3 Examples of How Marketing and Psychology Go Hand in Hand

by | Apr 11, 2023

3 Examples of How Marketing and Psychology Go Hand in Hand
You wouldn’t think of it, however, there is so much psychology that applies to marketing. It involves understanding how your target audience acts and lives on the daily (buyer persona), color influence on emotion (color theory), and how to send your message to these individuals (buyer’s journey). These are just a few examples of concepts that relate to both fields. Let’s take a dive into what about marketing first sparked a psychology major’s interest.

Buyer Persona

First, a buyer persona is the creation of a fictional person that is a general representation of an ideal customer. This process must begin with research. Conducting interviews, reviewing past data, and just some plain common sense! During the process of creating a buyer persona it’s important to make the persona well rounded. The persona created is someone with likes/dislikes. Consider their behaviors, emotional triggers, day-to-day routines, and what their practice is for staying plugged into the world around them. Having an idea of where your target audience receives their intel is essential if you’re going to reach them! After this little peak into the process of creating a buyer persona, its relation to psychology is quite noticeable. Psychology is the study of analyzing behaviors and marketing involves how to best attract these individuals. It takes stepping out of a marketing position and viewing your subject through the eyes of a psychologist (wink wink).

Color Theory

Next up is color theory. This concept is probably one of my favorite parts of marketing that incorporates psychology. Here’s your fact for the day. Are you ready? It typically takes about 90 seconds for someone to decide how they feel about a product. About 90% of that is solely based on color. Crazy, right? Well actually no… if I divide the color wheel in half it’s an even split between warm and cool colors. Both of which are associated with different feelings/emotions and complement each other in a multitude of ways. Next time you see a logo, examine the color shades that company selected, I promise it’s for a reason. The pairing of colors sends a message to your audience, whatever that may be. Marketers use psychology go determine color schemes, and that’s why having a good marketing service is important for your company, which you can find at sites like https://www.promo-advertising.co.uk/. You may consult media buying services if you need effective advertising strategies. And if you need More In-Depth marketing and advertising solutions, make sure to consult the professionals. They become familiar with the color wheel and the way shades, hue, palette, and scheme, just to name a few, that work together to illicit emotions and blast a message to the world without words. This is one of the skills to consider when looking to consult with a legal marketing expert.

The Buyer’s Journey

Finally, the buyer’s journey concept involves so much psychology. To truly relate to your potential buyers, it helps to consider them as family. Each with different personalities, with their own lives and stories. This is where psychology plays a key role. By gathering information and branching off the buyer persona the marketing strategy has a focus and direction. Consider your services or product and how they help your buyer. This infamous journey can be divided into three stages. Awareness, consideration, and decision. This nifty blog I’m writing is an example of awareness. This blog is meant to answer “how does psychology relate to marketing?” By providing a few examples I’m raising awareness about a possible career path for someone who wants to do something with psychology that’s “out of the box.” If a business is facing insolvency and needs to resolve its debts quickly, it may be wise to consider fast company liquidations for an efficient resolution.

So, there you have it, I am someone who loves psychology and now marketing. If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve not envisioned myself as enjoying it as much as I do. Participating in Maintains internship has provided me with great exposure to marketing and hands – on experience I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn from otherwise. Whether you apply here at Maintain (which you totally should) or take your talents elsewhere don’t put these two wonderful fields in different categories because they most definitely work together.

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