3 Big Ways a Digital Marketing Team will Bring Your HVAC Business More Customers

by | Nov 1, 2019

3 Big Ways a Digital Marketing Team will Bring Your HVAC Business More Customers

Running an HVAC business that’s poised for success in the long term means having a system in place to not only attract leads, but to effectively motivate those leads to choose you company above the competition and become customers. We’ve shared our expert methods for lead generation; now, we’re talking about how to close the deal. In order for your current and future leads to become customers, they must be taken on a journey: one that keeps your business at the top of their minds, all the while building trust in your ability to get the job done. How is it that a digital marketing team will bring your HVAC business more customers than ever before? We can’t speak for every agency out there – but at Maintain, it’s all about the ideal trio.

1. The Right People

The foundation of any successful campaign built to attract customers is the Buyer Persona. This is a semi-fictional biography of your ideal customer, and it’s created based on real data taken from geo-mapping and your current client base. The Buyer Persona doesn’t represent every customer you have, but it does represent the ideal customer you’d like to attract.

The Buyer Persona is important because it gives you a detailed understanding of your future customers: their financial profile, their online activity and preferred channels, and – most importantly – their current pain points and purchasing behaviors. Having a Buyer Persona makes you able to anticipate the specific issues your potential customers are experiencing – and provide them with content that addresses those issues head-on.

2. On the Right Channels

Once you have an outline of your ideal customer, their wants and their needs, it’s time to start communicating with them. This means creating engaging, quality content – and sharing that content on the channels your audience is already using. For example: if your ideal buyer is a 30-year-old first-time homeowner looking for a new air conditioner, they’re likely to use a lot of technology. Instagram and Facebook are particularly popular among Millennials, so it’s a great bet to share ads, exclusive offers, and engaging posts on those channels. It also makes sense to share blog posts with useful information geared toward HVAC maintenance for first-time homeowners. They may also use sms marketing for older generation as they know the advantages of sms marketing and who it appeals to.

Understanding your ideal customer’s online behaviors, and the unique stage of life they’re experiencing, allows you to determine what content to create in order to resonate with them – and what digital channels will help to most effectively deliver your message.

3. At the Right Times

Everyone who is looking to purchase a good or service goes through something called a Buyer’ Journey. This is a process by which your future customer will find out about your business, then consider the pros and cons of choosing you over the competition, then ultimately make a decision about whether or not to become a customer. One of the biggest ways a digital marketing team like St Petersburg SEO | Tested.Media will bring your business more customers is by using online analytics to determine where a person is in their Buyer’s Journey – and then deliver great content that’s specifically geared toward pushing them closer to becoming a customer.

Attracting more customers to your HVAC business is a goal that requires a sophisticated game plan, and no process is more sophisticated than creating a holistic Inbound Marketing campaign. By focusing on the ideal trio, our team is able to create exceptional, specific, and direct content that builds trust and inspires your leads to become long-term customers. If you’d like to learn more about our growth-driven strategy, contact us.

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